Eyes Magazine Pre Christmas Party

DISCLAIMER: you have to do read this post till the end, it might give you ideas on how to spend your Thursday night.

Last month, on a warm (yes, yes, yes) night of October, the Bombom Team was invited to an afterwork organized by Eyes Magazine at Le Baroque Restaurant: The Gin Addict. If there's gin involved, you know the Bombom girls will be there. Really. Anywhere. Anytime.

The dress code was "a touch of green", in reference to the Tanqueray Ten bottle that the cocktails were elaborated with. It's a type of gin that is made in a way that concentrates more flavours (fresh fruits and all that good stuff):

Eyes Magazine - The Gin Addict
Le Baroque was dressed up for the occasion too!

The drinks were so good and so pretty, but surprisingly enough, we didn't think of taking pictures of the cocktails alone. Too busy tasting them we'll say. However, we do have a pretty good picture of what they looked like:

Eyes Magazine-The Gin Addict
Biggest Gin Tonic ever seen. Ever.

...Ok, that was a special one, there were not that big. But they were that good!

Obviously, when the Bombom girls go out, their Bombom jewelry does too. And those jewels enjoy having their picture taken more than us (they don't have any bad-hair-day-bad-profile problems). Take a look at these beauties:

Bombom Bijoux at Le Baroque
Yes, there is indeed a nice gin cocktail popping up behind these Bombom Bijoux hands!

The Bombom Team had an amazing time at the event. Now if you'd like to live a similar experience,
here's where should be at tonight:

Eyes Magazine Pre Christmas Party
Eyes Magazine Pre Christmas party at Le Baroque Geneva

Come on, go on, have fun, drink, dance and most importantly: don't wear boring jewelry!

Sincerely, your Bombom Team

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