Réenchanter la rue du Rhône

Réenchanter la rue du Rhône - Chanel
Chanel Entrance, by COTE Magazine

Do you know "la rue du Rhône" in Geneva? Doesn't ring a bell? REALLY? What if I told you some sweet words to refresh your memory... Chanel... Prada... Gucci... Christian Dior... Louis Vuitton...
See, I knew it would work! 

Last Thursday, all those awesome brands were having a special kind of party. From 6pm to 9pm, you could discover their amazing pieces, while tasting interesting amuse-bouches and sippin' on Dom Pérignon (I'm sure you read that last part as if you were singing a famous hip-hop song, didn't you ?!). The streets were enchanted by amazing creatures and jugglers, whose goal was to make the night as magical as possible, for the eldest and the youngest:

Réenchanter la Rue du Rhône

Credits for the show pictures go to COTE Magazine
The Bombom Team was invited by Chanel (#handwrittennameoninvitation#dying) to discover their new Croisière Collection 2018/19. This is where the enchantment really took place for us girls. I mean, it was just like stepping into a Chanel themed house party. Can you imagine? We surely can and we loved it. And since we're sweet and fun and all about sharing, we took some pictures for you:

Réenchanter la rue du Rhône - Chanel
First hints of pink... it already feels like home

The first floor was all about pink vibes (to this day, we still think it was made on purpose for the Bombom Team):

Réenchanter la rue du Rhône - Chanel
...and more pink

Obviously, the clou du spectacle, as they say in French, was this amazing mirror display with the fabrics used in the collection:

We LOVE it

When you step upstairs though, the Croisière spirit really hits you: 

Blue and red tones, perfect for the next boat trip

And of course, a house isn't really a house if there isn't a cosy feel to it:

Réenchanter la rue du Rhône - Chanel
Reading a Chanel book in your Chanel living room, anyone?

Réenchanter la rue du Rhône - Chanel
Or maybe taking the book to your Chanel fireplace? Could be an option?

Anyways, that's it for our Chanel house tour. We did our best to make you feel like you were there with the Bombom Team and we hope you enjoyed! It's always a pleasure.

Sincerely, your Bombom Team

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