BombomBijouxByYou Instructions

we want to wake up the creator on you with this kit. it is easy and fun. You can buy the set on our website


  • Beads (in your package)
  • Charms (in your package)
  • Stretchy bead cord (in your package)
  • Scissors 


1. Gather your supplies and decide on what you want to do, bracelet or necklace. 

2. Cut your bead string to the size you need. Now, because you are using stretchy bead string, you have a bit of wiggle room. You use the wrist or head size as a guide and add extra four fingers to tie the knot. 

3. Tie a knot to start then put 6 beads on the string and add the wide bead which should have space for a second string to pass. You want to tie 3-4 knots to secure each bracelet, pulling on your string snuggly after each knot. Trim the ends, I like to leave just a bit of string at the end.

4.- String all your beads to complete desired size and when you are done pass it by the bigger bead that you used at the beginning. Bead another six beads and tie a know again you want to tie 3-4 knots to secure each bracelet.

Voila, your own BombomBijouxByYou bracelet or necklace. 

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